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Yoga - An Ounce of Bliss Through Yoga Part 1

Tranquil steps to relax your body

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Twinkle Twinkle little star, How I wonder What you are.

Up above the world so a high

Like a diamond in the sky

Although we shine like stars in the sky, although we flash like diamonds on the face of earth, we already know that its imperative to become calmer and blissfull inside. Often the amount of shine that appears on the outside hides the cacophonic call from inside to have a look, to once touch and find , if everything is alright inside us.

But how will you make this Journey from the outside to inside, you have reached the sky and may be flying high, how would you remember the place that you started and how would you be advised by someone that one day you have to come back to that place.

And what is that place, the place from where you started is your blissfull self, it is that place where you were always happy, cheerfull and in complete ease and trust with life.

This Course is to bring you back, this course is to once make you know , even while it is important to shine, it is more important to touch the substance beneath the shine. That pure you.

Designed a course to bring about the slowness in you, to help you take steps to ensure the relaxation of body happens to make us open the key to the realm of mind where we can get in touch with our bliss.

Since we are dealing with the process through Yoga, I have attempted to create a Series of Relaxation postures that can help you remove all the fatigue from the body. We will go 1 by 1 to reach there.

This Course comes from a very blissfull state of mine where I am in complete acceptance with life and with open hands I am ready to accept all the abundance, all the beauty the universe is offering. Wishing the same level of peace and energy fill you forever.

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