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45-Days Data Science Bootcamp: Build 45 Real Life Projects

Learn To Build & Deploy Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning Projects (Python, Flask, Django, Heruko Cloud)

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Data science plays an important role in virtually all aspects of business operations and strategies. For example, it provides information about customers that helps companies create stronger marketing campaigns and targeted advertising to increase product sales. It aids in managing financial risks, detecting fraudulent transactions, and preventing equipment breakdowns in manufacturing plants and other industrial settings. It helps block cyber-attacks and other security threats in IT systems.

In This Course, Solve Business Problems Using Data Science Practically. Learn To Build & Deploy Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Auto Ml, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) Web Applications Projects With Python (Flask, Django, Heruko, Streamlit Cloud).

We'll cover everything you need to know for the full data science and machine learning tech stack required at the world's top companies. Our students have gotten jobs at Dell, Google Developers, TCS, Wipro, and other top tech companies! We've structured the course using our experience teaching both online and in-person to deliver a clear and structured approach that will guide you through understanding not just how to use data science and machine learning libraries, but why we use them. This course is balanced between practical real-world case studies and mathematical theory behind the machine learning algorithms.

How much does a Data Scientist make in the United States?

The national average salary for a Data Scientist is US$1,20,718 per year in the United States, 2.8k salaries reported, updated on July 15, 2021 (source: glassdoor)

Salaries by Company, Role, Average Base Salary in (USD)

Facebook Data Scientist makes US$1,36,000/yr. Analyzed from 1,014 salaries.

Amazon Data Scientist makes US$1,25,704/yr. Analyzed from 307 salaries.

Apple Data Scientist makes US$1,53,885/yr. Analyzed from 147 salaries.

Google Data Scientist makes US$1,48,316/yr. Analyzed from 252 salaries.

IBM Data Scientist makes US$1,32,662/yr. Analyzed from 388 salaries.

Microsoft Data Scientist makes US$1,33,810/yr. Analyzed from 205 salaries.

Intel Corporation Data Scientist makes US$1,25,930/yr. Analyzed from 131 salaries.

In This Course, We Are Going To Work On 45 Real World Projects Listed Below:

Project-1: Pan Card Tempering Detector App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-2: Dog breed prediction Flask App

Project-3: Image Watermarking App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-4: Traffic sign classification

Project-5: Text Extraction From Images Application

Project-6: Plant Disease Prediction Streamlit App

Project-7: Vehicle Detection And Counting Flask App

Project-8: Create A Face Swapping Flask App

Project-9: Bird Species Prediction Flask App

Project-10: Intel Image Classification Flask App

Project-11: Sentiment Analysis Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-12: Attrition Rate Django Application

Project-13: Find Legendary Pokemon Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-14: Face Detection Streamlit App

Project-15: Cats Vs Dogs Classification Flask App

Project-16: Customer Revenue Prediction App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-17: Gender From Voice Prediction App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-18: Restaurant Recommendation System

Project-19: Happiness Ranking Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-20: Forest Fire Prediction Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-21: Build Car Prices Prediction App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-22: Build Affair Count Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-23: Build Shrooming Predictions App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-24: Google Play App Rating prediction With Deployment On Heroku

Project-25: Build Bank Customers Predictions Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-26: Build Artist Sculpture Cost Prediction Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-27: Build Medical Cost Predictions Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-28: Phishing Webpages Classification Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-29: Clothing Fit-Size predictions Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-30: Build Similarity In-Text Django App -Deploy On Heroku

Project-31: Heart Attack Risk Prediction Using Eval ML (Auto ML)

Project-32: Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Pycaret (Auto ML)

Project-33: Flight Fare Prediction Using Auto SK Learn (Auto ML)

Project-34: Petrol Price Forecasting Using Auto Keras

Project-35: Bank Customer Churn Prediction Using H2O Auto ML

Project-36: Air Quality Index Predictor Using TPOT With End-To-End Deployment  (Auto ML)

Project-37: Rain Prediction Using ML models & PyCaret With Deployment  (Auto ML)

Project-38: Pizza Price Prediction Using ML And EVALML(Auto ML)

Project-39: IPL Cricket Score Prediction Using TPOT  (Auto ML)

Project-40: Predicting Bike Rentals Count Using ML And H2O Auto ML

Project-41: Concrete Compressive Strength Prediction Using Auto Keras  (Auto ML)

Project-42: Bangalore House Price Prediction Using Auto SK Learn  (Auto ML)

Project-43: Hospital Mortality Prediction Using PyCaret  (Auto ML)

Project-44: Employee Evaluation For Promotion Using ML And Eval Auto ML

Project-45: Drinking Water Potability Prediction Using ML And H2O Auto ML

Tip (Not Mandatory): Create A 45 Days Study Plan, Spend 1-2hrs Per Day, Build 45 Projects In 45 Days.

The Only Course You Need To Become A Data Scientist, Get Hired And Start A New Career

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