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Fundamentals of Infinite Banking: How the Wealthy Do It!

Your Start-Up Guide in Infinite Banking

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If you are in view of entering a deal, then an end-game strategy must always be considered.

Infinite Banking is an end-game strategy that uses whole life insurance.

Banking from yourself (with life insurance as the mechanism) allows cash flow investors to augment the investing they already are or will be doing.

Take note: This strategy is NOT for insurance (death/ payout) purposes.

When you get into Infinite Banking:

  • Experience money growth by 4- 5 %

  • Growth is tax-free

  • There is an asset and legal protection


Liquidity: Investing in your policy/ putting in money on your policy and acquiring a loan from it to be used for real estate investing yet it will still keep on generating

No need to be a math wizard to understand how the wealthy do things.

  • Hard-working professionals who are curious about how the wealthy invest

  • Financial enthusiast

  • Real estate investors wanting to scale

  • The average person paying the home mortgage

This course will open doors for you to a whole new idea of investing instead of relying on the traditional 401k, regular stock market investing, and more.

  • Learn the strategy of how the wealthy achieve more wealth

  • Discover how you can augment the returns that you're getting from the tax benefit

  • Enhance what you are currently doing with your finances

  • Start small and scale in your financial journey

Invest in education.

Invest in yourself!

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Udemy Coupon Code 100% off | Udemy Free Course | Udemy offer | Udemy Coupon working

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