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How to learn Italian properly (with English subtitles)

Follow these useful advices from a native Italian teacher to boost your Italian learning!

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Italian is a beautiful, interesting language and many students are really committed to learn it.

Is it easy, though?

I'm not talking about the difficulty of the Italian language itself: that's personal, it depends on each student's point of view and experience.

I'm Susanna and I've been teaching Italian to foreigners since 2014: in these years, I've realized that the majority of my students couldn't properly learn the language on their own because of a lack of a learning method.

Beside their passion and commitment, they didn't know how to learn EACH ASPECT of the Italian language.

Thanks to my experience and to my students' experience, I've decided to share useful suggestions that can really help you to create your own learning method.

Does some topic seem obvious to you? Maybe it does, but from my experience we should not underestimate anything.

Every single aspect of Italian is important to learn the language properly and I'm here to underline their importance and to give you useful advices to boost your Italian and help you create your own learning method.

All of my students, during these years of teaching, appreciated them, so give it a try and start improve your Italian and your learning method now!

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