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Knife fighting basics training level 2

Knife and dagger and cutlass basics training for protect and fighting level 2 survivor and fight back in emergency time

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knife survival equipment  to be indispensable to outdoor living  And it is also an important weapon that can be used in a variety of ways.  both in normal use  and defense against fighting 

Basic training in using a knife at this level 2.

will enter the training  Maneuvering an attack from a straight line, or stabbing with a foot swept sideways.  Indented to the back and front, preferring to take one step rather than retreating in the distance.  Because if we can retreat into the distance, it should be  It's better to run away  If we can't avoid the collision  one step dodge  to keep safe  and respond better  It would yield more worthwhile results.

The practice of dodge stepping is another very important foundation.

And in the part of attack training, with strike and slashing, there are basic training moves that will allow us to use both defensive and attacking knives quickly.  They also practice using the other hand.  To support and help the hand that holds the knife to be more effective

positioning  of hands to be ready to help each other  ready to switch positions  to increase fluency  and highly effective in use when undergoing the correct training  regularly

This kind of training is good for those who want to use a knife.  for self defense  And it's also an exercise to build knife skills.  Or in conjunction with meditation practice with a training is a knife.

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