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Nutrition and Diet Masterclass

Learn About Nutrition, Dieting, Weight Loss

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This course in nutrition will be of great interest to all learners and healthcare professional who would like to learn the fundamentals of nutrition science. This  nutrition course will leave you feeling confident  because you have developed a strong foundation both of theory and practical application. This course is for you  if you would like to improve your overall health, to reduce or even eliminate the inflammation in your body, to reduce risks for diseases and regulate your insulin levels.  if you are a health coach, or you are passionate about health and you believe in a holistic approach to nutrition and living healthy. You are experiencing mood changes throughout the day caused by high spikes in blood sugar alternating with low levels of blood sugar in the body due to eating or drinking high sugar and high carbs food or drinks. This Nutrition course is a vehicle of change that empowers individuals to take responsibility for not only their health, but their life experience as a whole. It's loaded with helpful health information and practical tips, tricks, and tools to enable students to take action and really change their lives one step at a time!

You will learn:

1 Everything you need to know about Calories, Protein, Carbs & Fat

2 Basic principles of nutrition and the effect of nutrition on health

3 Food classifications and how the body deals with them

4 Healthy food choices

5 Understand what the Macronutrients are and the role they play in our bodies

6 Learn the Top Carbohydrates/Proteins/Fat sources and figure out their estimated daily requirements.

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Udemy Coupon Code 100% off | Udemy Free Course | Udemy offer | Udemy Coupon working

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