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Qt-QML Practical Examples

Auto-Dashboard, Notepad, REST client.

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Qt-QML  Practical Examples

A real software development experience is necessary to build up the skillset in GUI development framework like Qt QML. This course offers a real software development training with the help of simple application examples. 

Prerequisite :

  • Basic level of C++

  • Understanding of Qt-QML framework

This course covers step by step implementation of following application examples using Qt-QML and C++.

1. Automobile dashboard design and simulation : This is a Qt-QML based design for car dashboard. This also have a simulator implemented at backend to provide more realistic data to UI.  Concepts you will learn here are :  Integrating QML and C++,  CircularGauge, CircularGaugeStyle, Number Animation, QTimers, Image, Canvas.

2. Notepad application : This is basic notepad application with which you can create, edit and modify the text files. Operations include formatting, layout, font color, font family. Also support for HTML document for rich text format support. You will learn about  Qt-Quick controls, Qt shortcuts, QTextDocument, FontDialog, Text processing, File operations, HTML files, file printing

3. Simple REST Client: This is very simple REST Client application using public REST APIs to show useful information. You will learn about QNetwork, QNetworkAccessManager, QNetworkReply, QJsonDocument, QSSL configs.

All above examples are explained in depth details. For each lecture a demo able sours code is available as downloadable resource. Users can download these source code packages and tryout on own either during the lectures or afterwards. This will help you to get hands on on programming and debugging. 

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