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Symfony API Platform with React Full Stack Masterclass

Learn how to make a robust REST API in Symfony using API Platform and create a React SPA application

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Have you ever wanted to advance your PHP skills to the next level? Maybe you have some prior PHP experience but you never had a change to work with a framework? Or you are new to PHP at all?

It does not matter! You can take this course to give your PHP projects a fresh start! In modern world, sooner or later, as a web developer you will have to create a API and a frontend application in React.JS or any other JS framework out there. It's just a must have these days for any professional web developer!

This is where I can help you. Take this course to learn how to create robust APIs in PHP, using Symfony Framework 4 and API Platform. You will not believe how easy and instant it could be! I'll take you step by step during the whole process, from creating your own robust API to making a modern React.JS application using Redux, Redux-Form and all the other tools that you just need to know to get a job these days!

Check out the course outline, free preview videos, and read some of the reviews that my other courses got:

"Real world course, made by a developer for developers, and very well explained. Learner knows ALL what he does, and why! Congratz!!!"

"I've taken a few different Udemy courses now with various instructors. I've found that I like Piotr's teaching style the best out of all the instructors I've taken. He has the right balance of coding and in depth explanation, which is exactly what I was hoping to get when I purchased this course. Piotr provides some excellent insight into the inner workings of Symfony and does an awesome job of showing how you would begin to build a larger application utilizing the proper Symfony components. Symfony is a huge framework and I don't think I would've been able to dig into the documentation and take it apart as quickly on my own. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get their hands dirty and jump right into the meat of how Symfony works."

"Really good course, i learned a lot. Keep up the good job!!"

"Great course! Really liked how the instructor included production deployment in the course. It was helpful!"

"Very detailed explanation. I'm loving it!"

"Amazing course! In-depth explanations, perfect talking pace, talks slow and is direct to the point. I had no previously knowledge in Symfony before starting, and this course gave me the confidence to start developing real world apps using Symfony. You will learn a lot of the Symfony framework, and some other cool techniques like Ajax Calls, Testing, Server configuration and Continous Deployment of your code."

You will be creating a Blog application, starting with the API in Symfony API Platform, and then a complete React+Redux frontend app. We will also configure an administration panel for managing the platform.

Both Windows and MacOS are supported (I'll show you how to install and configure PHP and Node.js on both)

What will you learn about Symfony and API Platform?

  • You will learn how to create Symfony controllers and work with routing

  • You will learn how to represent your database tables as objects in Doctrine

  • You will see how you can quickly convert your Doctrine model to an API Resource

  • You will learn how to paginate, filter and sort your collections

  • You will see how to send an e-mail

  • You will learn everything about Authentication (user sign-up, sign-in, including account confirmation through e-mail)

  • You will understand everything about Authorization (User roles, privileges, restricting access)

  • You will know how to handle file uploads through REST API

  • You will learn how to log errors

  • You will learn both unit testing (PHPUnit) and functional testing (Behat)

  • You will know how to customize and extend the built-in operations that API Platform provide

  • Data validation and serialization/deserialization

What will you learn about React.js?

  • How to configure routes for your app using React Router

  • How to handle state with Redux

  • How to create great forms using Redux Forms

  • Communicating with the API using Thunk Middleware

After finishing this course you will be able to confidently create your own complicated APIs in Symfony using API Platform and create a SPA application using React.js!

See you inside the course!

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