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Ukrainian Cooking - Authentic Ukrainian Recipes Course

Learn How to Cook Popular Ukrainian Dishes at Home

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When you hear "Ukraine," what's the first thing that comes to mind? Borscht? That's right, it's the most popular Ukrainian dish, Ukraine even has a city named after it.

And with this course, you can learn to cook it at home.

But not only Borsch is a pearl of Ukrainian cuisine. "Chicken Kyiv" cutlets, pampushki, nalisniki and other dishes are also popular with locals and tourists.

Also in Ukraine "culinary tourism" is very popular because the food in restaurants is very tasty and nutritious, but compared to European and American prices are very low.

Let's cook restaurant food in our own kitchen.

What dishes will you learn to cook in this course?

  1. Soups

    • Authentic Borscht Recipe - beet soup

    • "Gribna yushka" - Carpathian mushroom soup

  2. Meat dishes

    • "Cutlet Kyiv-style"  - stuffed chicken breast cutlet

  3. Bakery / Bread

    • Pampushki - wheatflour buns, usually served with Borscht

  4. Desserts

    • Nalisniki - crepes with a sweet filling

    • Syrniki - cottage cheese pancakes

What are the requirements for the course?

There are not many and they are simple. First of all, interest in new things and your desire to learn how to cook Ukrainian dishes.

Secondly, it would be nice to have basic cooking skills, such as how to cut, peel, use a stove and oven, and of course, the rest step by step will be in the video.

In the resource folder, under each section there will be files with all ingredients for each dish separately, their quantities in the metric system (grams, liters), and also an imperial system (oz, cups) for your comfort.

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